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Ornithological Tour "the bird's Kingdom"

This ornithological tour to the Federal reserve Kabanskiy perfect for bird lovers, both individual and in groups up to 5 people and takes place in Prednestrovie period. From the boat station, Shigaevo, of murzino or Baikal-Kudara boats through the channels of the Selenga Delta, the route to the cordon on the channel Average. Boat route through the reserve passes through the ducts: the Average Mouth – SOR – duct Chalmeta – Rinse – Rinse Fofanovskiy – Curve – Daban – Cordon. Its length is about 30 km away.

The cordon of boats can get to the lake, then go out on the sandy scree. Continue to visit the Islands in the Delta, with the places of inhabitation of the colony of gray herons. The tour includes a walking tour of the right Bank of the Mouth of ducts Average length of 3 km. On the route there are 3 watchtowers:

· about the cordon of the reserve in the Bayou Average Mouth height of 8-9 m.

· flow Curve with a height of 5 m

· on the Bayou Kabanskaya 5 m high.

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