The Baikal nature reserve

Tour program

Day 6

6 hours

In the wilds of Khamar-Daban

This walking route starts from the Central farmstead of the reserve (Tankhoi). The beginning of the route passes through the "Cedar alley" (a strip of natural pine forest stretching from the village to the ridge Khamar-Daban). The walk route is approximately 1km. in the security area, then descends to the floodplain of the river Osinovka, crossing with riverine terraces, covered by secondary birch forests and coniferous undergrowth.

Then the route crosses the river and continues along the right Bank of the river, with a gradual climb, after half a mile the trail crosses the boundary of the reserve. And next is already directly on its territory. The route passes through the steep slopes of the river valley, sometimes on the edge of the canyons. In many places, the scenic views of the breaks between the rocks flow forming, deep hole under the rocks, the turbulent rapids. Approximately a kilometer from the reserve border, the trail comes to the first cabin, are equipped with a Parking lot. You can rest and gain strength before going further. A kilometer from the hut, upstream is one of the main attractions of the route Osinovskaya waterfall, its height is 3.5 meters. Water, falling down from a height between two rocks formed at the bottom of a deep Cup which in the summer often holds the fish, for which the waterfall is an insurmountable obstacle.

In the upper reaches of the river, in the vicinity of the open tops of the Khamar-Daban. Further along the route the river valley becomes wider here, more often there are extensive clearings covered with local rupnarayan, on the banks of the river grows a relic of the tertiary period, a fragrant poplar, and other relict plants, such as anemone Baikal, Baikal swertia, rapontik Hamar and others. In June here, everywhere you can see a huge number of flowering Zharkov, they form huge yellow-green fields. Then some clearing moving into the extensive Alpine meadows, which cover a carpet the bottom part of the conditions of the zoness. Here the river becomes much smaller and gradually becomes a stream that leads to the picturesque area of the highlands to the small mountain lakes. Here the main part of eco-educational trails along the river Osinovka ends.After spending the night in the mountain shelter, the trip participants back to the Central manor.

This route is convenient because you can choose the duration of the tour.

The optimal number of participants: day trip to the waterfall – up to 15 people, for many days, until the end of the route, up to 6 people.

Tour participants it is desirable to have: protivoavarijnye suit, boots and change of shoes (waterproof boots, sneakers), hat, personal first aid kit, personal hygiene. Personal photo and video equipment, sleeping bags, backpacks.

The end of the route at "Cedar alley".

In the centre is the Museum of Nature, Ecuatorianos and gift shop.

Groups of no more than 15 people.

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